SpringBoot interview questions


1 ) Why springboot  is better   than    spring   framework?

2)   What  is  springboot   initializer .   How we start  project in springboot?

3)  What  are   starter  available  in springboot .How  it is  helpful  for dependency  management ?

4)  What  is  auto configuration  in  springboot  . How to  disable  autoconfiguration ?

5)  How to deploy    springboot application as  jar or war  file ?

6)    What is YAML and how it different form property file?

7)  What is  springboot  actuator . How  we  can use it  ?

8)  What is  @SpringBootApplication  annotation in springboot?

9)  How  many  types of annotations  used  in springboot?

10) How we can  change  tomcat port  in springboot?

11) What  annotation used  to get information of  property file  in java class ?

12) What  are  special  features  makes springboot  special?

13)  How to exclude auto restart for static files?

14) What is LiveReload   in  springboot?

15)  What are Profiles in spring boot?

16) What is the use of @SpringBootApplication annotation?

17) What is the use of @EnableAutoConfiguration annotation?

18)How does Spring Boot load changes in code without restarting the server

19) How do you run and stop spring boot executable jar?

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