CME interview questions

1.How hash map works internally  ?.

2.What is a thread and how it functions in multithreading ?.

3.  what   is   Implementation of stack  ?

4. How linked list is better than array list ?

5. Overwriting the equal’s method. Compare the two objects using equal’s method ?.

6. what   is  Executer class and its functionality ?

7.   what are the   benefits Stream API in Java8 ?.

8.  what is volatile and why do we use it ?

9.   How   we  use hash map sort the values(not with key) by lambda expression ?.

10.  How  Binary search  works?

11.  What   is  Stack and its functionality ?

12. What  is  Hash code and Equal’s method ?

13.How to construct Queue ?

14. What is weak hashmap and other implementation of hasmap (identityHashMap) ?

15. Differences  between  @RestController and @SpringBootApplication annotation ?

16.   Explain Features of java 7 + if custom class has to be used in ARM what is needed ?

17.   What is   Hibernate - first cache and second cache ?

18.   What  is  Difference between string buffer and builder  ?

19.  Exception handling in spring ?

20.   what  are the  Spring bean scope  ?

21.  Explain  Spring mvc lifecycle ?

22.  Explain Spring bean lifecycle ?

23. What  is  Thread pool (executor framework) ?

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