Java 8 interview questions ?


                                    Java 8  interview  Question 


1.     What   are  the new features  of  Java 8 ?

2.     What is function interface. Give an example?

3. What is main characteristic of the lambda expression?

4. What  is new features  added in the   Date and time ?

5. How we can create functional interface and can we more than one method 
       in the Functional Interface?

6. What  is main benefits of the ?

7. What  is main difference between  Collection and Stream ? 

8. What   is   Intermediate and Terminal operation in  

9. What   are the methods for the   Intermediate operation  In

10. Explain stream() ,  map() and  filter () methods ?

11. What  is  main  work  of  map()  and  filter()?

12. What predicate interface? What is difference predicate and function?

13. What is difference Iterator and  Spliterator ?

14. What is difference between map() and flateMap()?

15.   What is Hotspot ? what new changes in JVM java8.

16. What   is  MetaSapace   in  java 8?

17. Why   Java 8 jvm remove  premGen memory space?

18. what is the optional interface in java 8.

19.  What is a predicate and how many types of it?

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  1. Amazing set of interview questions, strong foundation in core Java and studying data structures and algorithms in Java is crucial to prepare for coding interviews. Nice blog on Java programming and interview preparation.


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