Microservice Interview Questions


1. What  is  microservice ?

2. What is the fundamental characteristic of microservice design ?

3. What are the challenges that suppose to face while creating a microservice 


4. How many ways can microservices communicate each others?

5. Explain the container in the Microservice?

6. What is a configuration server in a microservice? how it helps?

7. How does docker help for microservice?

8. What are the benefits and drawbacks of microservice?

9. What are the common design patterns used for microservice?

10. What is  API Gateway. How  it useful for creating microservice? 

11. What is circuit breaker architecture? How it helps ? 

12. What is the service registry in Microservice?  Explain the Eureka server? 

13. Name some popular service registry services?

14. Explain the simple architecture of microservice? 

15. What are the components of microservice?   

16. What is  Kafka?  How to use it as a message broker?

17.    Explain the  AWS  deployment of a simple spring boot application?

18.   What is the work of the  API Gateway? 

19.   What is OAuth  2?   How it works?

20.    What is the basic difference between   OAuth 2  and   JWT? 

21.     On what basis we should decide to choose  Outh or  JWT ?

22     What is the circuit breaker architecture?  How  we can implement  circuit breakers in 


23.   What is the configuration class in  Springboot?   How it benefits Microservices?

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