Latest trends of Java AWS and Microservices question asked in Conznigent , Infosys.


1. How to prevent singleton patterns from reflection, serialization 
     and cloning?

2.  What is an adaptor pattern? 

3.  How Kafka we can store the Kafka message groups in a
      single partition?  

4.  How concurrent hashmap works internally? 

5.   Difference between  HashMap and ConcurrentHashMap?

6.   What is Reddit cache, and how it going to implement?

7.  How to handle the time zone two timezone spring boot application?

8.  What is AWS VPC?

9.  How to ensure the security of the AWS application?

10. what is EC2  in  AWS?  How to deploy applications in  EC2?

11. What is stack overflow? How to prevent it?

12 . How  Kafka works synchronously or asynchronously?

13 . What are the main components of Kafka?

14. Define steps to create a rest spring-boot CURD application.
      Employee{ id, name, address}
       endpoints -   List  employee  /employee/id

 15.  Step to deploy spring-boot application in  EC2.

 16. Find the longest string in a given list of strings?

  17 . What annotation comes under @SpringbootApplication?

  18. What is the use of   Volatile keywords?

  19. what is  ETDC  in Kubernetes, and how its help the Kubernetes?

  20. What is the Springboot profile?   How is a useful profile 
        different versions?

  21. What is @profile  in Springboot?   How it can be used?

  22. How to create a store procedure to get two different 
        database tables' data?

 23 .  How we can call  Rest endpoints from angular?

24.  What are @NamedEntityGraph   and @EntityGraph?    

25.   How  @EntityGraph  is helpful in improving performance?

26.  What is  Eagerloading and lazyloading in hibernate?

27.   Explain the Microservice design pattern?   

28.   What saga design pattern in  Microservice? 

29.   Orchestration vs choreography in  Microservices?

30. What is the N+1  issue in  Hibernate, and how it can be solved?

31.  How does load balancing happen in  Kubernetes? 
       what is Ingress?

32.   What is  Kafka partition what is a benefit of it? 

33.  What is sharding? when we can use it?  what is 
       the benefit of sharding?

34.   What is the layered architecture of software design ? .
       How we can design a persistence layer?

36. What is a Kubernetes sidecar?  How is it helpful in storage?

37.  What is a functional and non-functional requirement?
       How it is helpful in software design?

38.  Can it possible to use a single database with multiple  Microservice. 
       If yes then how we can design it efficiently?

39.   What is   Unblocking, Blocking, and  Asynchronous client?

40.  What  is  RestTemplet vs  WebClient ?


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