How to run hello-world in Docker .

       These  are   following steps  need to    run    Hello  World  in docker.





     1 .      Download  docker    latest version  and  install in your machine .


          For  mac , window  , Linux    docker   is available  download  the  docker installation

           file  and install it.  Agree  license  and finish installation .



   2.     Check   docker  version .


           If   installation  successful .  Open terminal   Finder  à   Go  à  Utility àTerminal


           and  type    comman    $ docker   --version .




3.    Login to  docker  hub. 


         Form   running  docker  desktop  login to docker hub.  Search for  hello-world  image


         Copy the   pull command  and  go  to  terminal and paste. It will download  hello-world






4.    Run   hello-world  .


  $  docker   run  hello-world


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